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You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God,
and they will reign on the earth Revelation 5;10

CSI = ( Cross            +    Salvation of Soul            =      Kingdom  Inheritance        )

The Master Plan

Not knowing, experiencing and fulfilling our purpose of God, but instead serving money, is the root of all evil. It leads to hopelessness especially among the youth, lack of significance in society, various addictions, poverty as well as a lack of belonging to the true royal family and family business. In order to solve this problem we need to invest in trading in order to me made priests and kingdoms, so we can once again reign on earth as it was originally intended in Garden Eden (resort). But in a practical way how can this be achieved?

 CSI - "Dominion Business Development" Services (Priests)
 ATR - "Outdoor & Resort Products" (Kingdom)

We need matured and tested consultants who understand "dominion business development" and can support others through their services. These kind of consultants, may also be called priests, are invited to be part of "C-S-I" a company that provides the services and environment  needed for callings to grow and expand. To make it clear, with "C-S-I" we not only want to help people in a spiritual sense, by discovering and developing their God given calling (dominion business development), but also in a practical way support through a growing selection of professional / partner services needed to start, build-up and expand businesses internationally.

On the other hand the resulting business callings, may also be called kingdoms, shall provide innovative quality products that solve specific problems in the world. For branding purposes, of the corporation (body part) we represent, all products should somehow be related to the great outdoors, sport, recreation and resort lifestyle. Renewed minds create innovative and sustainable product solutions that enrich the product brand and are a tramendous blessing for those in need!  A water purifier for example is not just helpful for hosting remote resort events in Canada's wilderness, but can save Millions of other peoples lives around the earth!

While C-S-I invests in new businesses, these businesses are invited to give back to CSI for its services that helped them to become successful businesses. Conceptual speaking, C-S-I represents like a mall centre that offers services and infrastructure businesses need to effectively show case, distribute and sell their products worldwide. The more business callings are represented in the mall the more customer traffic will occur and the greater the transformative influence for the benefit of everyone!
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The Good News defined as the Kingdom of God

The Bible defines the Good News as the kingdom of God and yet it is my personal experience that most Christians have never heard or experienced the Good News, but only the gospel of salvation. Why, because there is a trading process involved for the ultimate investment of the Kingdom of God! Matthew 13;44 "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field." While not everybody is eager to enter Christianity, the bible does say that everybody is eager to enter the kingdom of God according to Luke 16;16 "But now the Good News of the Kingdom of God is preached, and everyone is eager to get in" All of us have litterally been conferred a kingdom sent to earth to preach and manifest it. Luke 4;43 But he replied, "I must preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God in other towns, too, because that is why I was sent." and Luke 22:29 "And I confer a kingdom on you, just as my Father has conferred a kingdom on me". Once we have corporately finished our assignment the end will come just to restart again what already was at the beginning, but this time with a new earth and heaven, where everybody will be priests and kingdoms with the purpose to reign on earth as it is in heaven! Matthew 24;14 "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come".

The top Priority in getting started


We first seek the kingdom of God, to renew our mind in order to know the perfect will of God for our lives. Its the priest part where we spend time in the word for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth that sets us free. We are to hear (understand) his voice. But a priest also interceeds for others and that's where we want to corporately invest in a network of priests (dominion consultants) who can effectivley preach the Good News of the kingdom of God into all the world.


We secondly seek his righteousness, testify to the revealed truth by doing what he called us to do. God wants to make us kingdoms that means kings with an assigned domain of God over which he has given us dominion authority. Through our callings we bring the assigned domain of heaven to earth by solving a significant problem in the world. The bigger the problem that is being solved the greater the influence. Together we form partnerships (kingdom alliance) for an even greater impact and to His glory.


And God will add all these things the world is running after. In the world we first go after things such as water, food, shelter, security, status and lastly impact by doing something meaningful. Most people however never get beyond the shelter stage and never manifested God's glory hidden within them. In the kingdom we first seek to be made kingdom and priests. From day one we are working in what is meaningful and after a trading period it will be manifested to the world in need. Its like in Garden Eden (resort) where things were being added when we solve the problem we are called to solve in the world. It is the ultimate investment in this present age plus we are promised to receive eternal rewards!

Callings require an unshakable foundation

When we pray to God for his kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we have not been realising that God has already deposited that kingdom of God within us. What we are praying is for it to manifest through us and others. To some degree we litterally carry the solution to  someones prayer within us. We usually recognise it by what makes us angry and what gives us joy at the same time. We carry a calling designed to solve a specific problem on earth that gives us great contentment and joy as what made us angry is being removed.

The whole creation is eagerly waiting for the sons of God to be revealed, to be awakened to rule their callings of God again. It it is the testimony of the kingdom of God to the whole world and to Gods glory. God wants to make us kingdom and priest again, kings who rule their assigned domain of God (calling) here on earth as it is in heaven through Jesus Christ. Unfortunately only a few enter (arise) into kingdom (dominion) for the reasons (1-2-3) explained in Mark 4. While the salvation of our spirit is the most precious gift of God freely given unto us, there is a price to pay for the foundation and for the build-up of the vision God has given us to fulfill.

In order to enter the kingdom of God, the rule of God, there is a process involved, where we need to repent, be baptised in water, spirit and fire. To a degree God has given us a free choice to co-work with Him or not. The process is not easy, the bible tells about the small door of Jesus Christ we need to step through leaving certain worldy riches behind. This is only possible with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is this coworking with him, this walk on the narrow path where we seek and obey, that leads to the promised life. Once we receive the vision from God the path is focussed on the fulfillment of our specific assignment through an obedience walk of faith.

The scripture says as the Father conferred a kingdom unto King Jesus Christ, and Jesus again confers a kingdom (domain of God = calling) unto us. As long we don't know that we are kings, as long we don't know our conferred domain of God, it would never even cross our mind that we are supposed to take dominion over something and therefore remain slaves whether conscious or not. When a king has found his assigned domain of God, he will trade everything to enter the rule of God and manifest the kingdom of God on earth. It really is the way we love God and our neighbours. The work that God has called us to do is highly rewarding in this present age and throughout eternity according to Mark 10;28-30 and Revelation 22;12.

It is therefore foolish not to trade and build upon the foundation with temporary straw, hay and wood. The bible says to search out the secrets  is to the glory of kings, the manifestation of kingdom dominion however is to Gods glory. We can't be made a kingdom apart from being made a priest, scripture calls us royal priests. A priest spends time with God, aquires the understanding of the kingdom secrets, sees and hears the will of God. A king on the other hand acts by faith upon what he sees in heaven and brings Gods righteousness on earth. It is the top priority defined in Matthew 6;33 "but seek yeah first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things will be given unto you" Perhaps it can be said a priest is a consultant who reveals the Good News of the kingdom of God, while kings testify too it. 

No doubt every single person is eager to enter the kingdom of God as written in Luke 16;16. The market demand for kingdom consultants (priests) who have found the kingdom of God is enormous! The kingdom of God is the complete opposite to the fallen world system. The scripture says the wisdom of man is foolishness, but the wisdom of God is so precious that it may cost all we have. There is a price to be pay in exchange for true wealth that lasts and can not be stolen as it is stored-up in heaven. Such understanding begins with the fear of the Lord, we must humble ourselves before God so he can exalt us in due time. We are invited to undergo a litteral trade for the ultimate investment of the kingdom of God!

The ultimate manifestation of the kingdom of God is a royal business family united in thought and purpose spreading the Garden Eden (Resort) around the earth fulfilling what God has commanded us to do in Genesis 1;26 "Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth .”

Testimonies  of the supernatural Trading Process

Could it be, that we as Christians have been held in bondage without being aware of it? At the past International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) conference in Geneva fall 2016 a healing evangelist shared his testimony in how the Lord appeared to him letting him see Babylon. Babylon like Egypt stands for a system that keeps people in bondage, slavery, and oppression. As the Lord allowed this young man to see Babylon, he recognised the Catholics, the Baptist, the Evangelicals and to his great surprise even his own church caught in the Babylonian system! The question is how do we get out that system?!

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Matthew 13;44

While the ancient Babylonian or Egyptian system is not that familiar anymore, Haiti islands recent history is. Just like Gods people in Egypt and Babylon, so Haitians had been oppressed by many nations in various forms over and over again. While the oppressors left long time ago the Babylonian mindset remained. Haiti to this day is counted as one of the poorest nation on earth. The Lord used this context when showing a supernaturaly wiggeling stone in an open field.

It was  January the 12th 2010 when Haiti Island was shaken by a devastating earthquake. Simultaneous to the exact time a stone of the size of a soccer ball wiggled several times backwards and forwards in the open fields of Lake Country BC Canada. I used to say the stone shook due to my lack of a better word, but as the kingdom of God can not be shaken, so it was actually not a shaking but a rolling backwards / forwards movement. It is the kind of rolling movement seen on train wheels when they start moving, leaving the train station.

Few days later the Lord spoke through the book of Gunnar Olson these 3 sentences: 1) “there is a time of shaking to come”, 2) “redeem every firstborn donkey with a lamb or break its neck” and 3) “have faith in God”.  Here I was, considered a relatively rich young Christian man, who was part of the Upper Management (top 30 of 1200) of a large international firm and has lived in one of the wealthiest nations in the world in reality being poor. I was caught in a Babylonian system that had no answers to the storm I had faced in Switzerland before I returned to Canada.

I had been a Christian for 33 years baptised in water and yet had no clue about the kingdom of God and the Fathers business. Looking back it was the love of the Father to lead me in a seven years season of shaking  to find what can not be shaken; the kingdom of God! I was originally born in the dominion of Canada, which historically has been under the British kingdom. Eventhough I was originally born in Canada I didn't know my own dominion nor how it was tied to the kingdom of great Britain, because I grew up outside of it and mainly in Switzerland. So is it with every born again believer who is a citizen of the kingdom of God, but grew up outside his dominion. I left Switzerland in begining of July 2008 in search for answers after I had been hit by a devastating storm . I litteraly left father, mother, brother, sister house and land ...

Charlie Robison prophesied “I see a train loaded with paper, that has been held back for a long time now been released” He didn't know that we would live right next to this train track nor that I had seen a stone starting to roll.

Months later a prophecy was given by Charly Robinson saying; “I see a train loaded with paper that has been held back for a long time now been released” The Lord had provided us a wonderful place right on Kalamalka lake and next to the train track of Kelowna West Pacific Railway. Their waggons used to pass by filled with Tolko wood. While facing tremendous shaking and obeying the Lords earlier command “to take my assets and invest in trading” Kelowna Pacific Railway went out of business on the day we had passed the test. As our balance sheet got to that point so Kelowna West Pacific had reached that point. This took place exactly 5 years to the day since the return from Switzerland to Canada, on the 5th of July 2013.

Many newspaper such as CNN reported this incident on the 5th of July 2013. Kelowna Capital News stated; Derailed: Kelowna's fight to save the railway and 500 jobs (check About two days later Peter (meaning stone) from Switzerland whom we didn't know and had never met before came to our house sharing his very recent dream the first time testifying; “ I saw trains derrailing in terrible accidents throughout Canada and a loud voice saying; “I can’t work with them!” Peter was truly shaken by this dream. Then he went on saying; “after these train accidents he had seen something spreading out throughout Canada that looked like a mall-centre

Andy CSI partner Switzerland and Christian baptised in Wood Lake in Lake Country BC, Canada Saturday the 12th of May 2012

After we had passed this major test we thought the shaking was over, but it was not. The Lord began to reveal many more things about the kingdom of God! Just as Josef in the bible was put in prison and thought he would get out had to wait for another two years so did we have to wait another 2 years. From the outside nobody knew what we were going through, but as it is written in John we as believers all have "suffering - internal pressure", "endurance" and "kingdom" in common. The LORD had warned us in Garden Eden and now it is hard to enter the kingdom of God again. It takes great pressure and heat for the yeast (kingdom of God) within us to penetrate and free the domain of our soul.

On the 7th to the 12th of May 2012 we held a "healing - calling - equipping" conference with evangelist Daniel Hari in Lake Country. During that time Andy and Christian (see picture above) decided to get baptised in Wood Lake. Right before this conference Andy whom I never asked to become a business partner of CSI Inc. stretched out his hand saying; "I am in". The Lord has answered years of prayers putting together a team of kingdom business consultant  on both continents. He too after he had fully dedicated his life to the Lord had to undergo a rough a season of shaking. The Lord does it to deliver us from strongholds to increases our faith more precious then gold and silver. We started to learn that we are not only citizens of the heavenly kingdom, but we ourselves are being made a kingdom.

Supernatural wedding cake given on the 11th of January 2015 after pastor teaching on Matthew 6;33 and asking if somebody knows another word for kingdom, which is dominion

This wedding cake above has been supernaturally given at Lake Country Church on the 11th of January 2015 after pastor sandy thaught on Matthew 6;33 he asked if anybody knew another word for kingdom the very subject I have been studying backwards and forwards. Anyhow I eventually got up and shared that dominion is another word for kingdom.  In Garden Eden we fell from dominion which was Bad News, when Jesus came John and Jesus himself proclaimed the  Good News that we can enter (arise) into the kingdom of God again thus dominon = kingdom (married - wedding cake).

Praise the Lord! I knew there had to be more than my rather boring and completely powerless experience as a traditional Christian. There is a process involved in how we enter the kingdom of God. It took 3.5 years to understand that the Gospel is the Kingdom of God and that we are citizens of that invisible kingdom. It took another 3.5 years to understand that within that kingdom we too are being made kingdoms with dominion power our inheritance! The Lord had heard my cry after I had lost everything he invites us to enter the rule of God again!

On the 9th of April 2015 at 4;40am the first day of our "dominion business development" seminar in Lake Country with Swiss CSI partner Andy and Canadian leaders Sue, Crystal and some other participants I received a supernatural vision that explained this entering process. The vision ended with the verse in Matthew 3;11 "I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire". That vision reaffirmed what we have been learning about the process required to enter the kingdom of God, not just being a citizen but be made a kingdom by arising into the rule of God.

At the actual physical location of this vision stood a tent trailer with our Swiss guest Sandra in it, who was very hungry for the Gospel of the kingdom of God. It was very interesting, because when the Lord has sent her over to Canada she was so much a reminder of where my journey had began as a religious Christian. I had been standing in front of the door of Jesus Christ all my life instead of stepping through the door, to walk on the narrow path that leads to kingdom life. When she made a radical committment to go for the kingdom of God at any costs, that was the time when Andy simultaneously had a dream seeing her stepping through the door towards Jesus!

This door is not to be taken lightly. There is a parable of 10 virgins where 5 didn't make it and we know all virgin were pure, but they were not married yet. It was two years after we had passed the desert test on the 5th of July 2015, exact 7 years since I returned to Canada when we as a family sat in a foreign church together with Sandra from Switzerland when the pastor interrupted his service saying many things including that the shaking has officially stopped and God would restore and stabilize our life. Nobody knew anything about our situation, but the Lord knew. The following day, Gunnar Olson, President of ICCC called through whom the Lord spoke when having encountered the wiggeling stone in the open field providing further insight!

When the Lord takes us through a season of shaking he does it so the unshakable would remain, which is the kingdom of God! The Lord invested into CSI over a period of exact 7 years to the day (7=completion) the foundational revelation confirmed with many  testimonies that there is a forgotten trade for the ultimate investment of kingdom dominion! He revealed and testified it by many marvellous signs and wonders that happened during this 7 years desert season, just like it happened when He led his people out of Egypt thousands of year ago. Since the time has begun for many kingdom consultants (priests) and kingdom (businesses) to arise (enter) the kingdom of God!

Derrailing is not just terrible for us, but much more so for all those that are connected to our calling and have been crying out for deliverance. Without Gunnar Olson modelling the process Jesus had already modelled, it would have been, much, much harder to have faith in God! I am very, very thankful for God sending us mentors that have gone before us and haven't derailed!

Since the train company went bancrupty, the  railway has been removed  made a hiking trail that connects to the longest hiking trail in the world. The Transcanada Trail connects Canada froms coast to coast and is 24’000km long. (24 = 2 x 12 with twelfe being the biblical meaning of government, two times meaning kingdom dominion)

The physical location of the supernatural vision of the foundation and arising stone covered with many other fresh washed stones. An angel standing there on the left side years before the vision was given facing towards the foundation.

The supernatural vision with the foundation covered with many fresh washed stones showed the exact location above. Besides the mentioned tent trailer with Swiss guest Sandra there was also a cargo and double axle trailer. Why is this important? Because it represented the exact project status of ATR development at that time and the exact location, where I worked in the shed. I didn't see this correlation of the location at first until they poored a foundation in front of the shack. Exactely like in the vision the foundation first turned hard before I could see the arisen stones. The very day the concrete turned hard I could see All Terrain RESORT!

This vision is the proof that it is possible for God to let us see and hear what he wants to do in and through us here on earth, just like Jesus said he could only do what he sees his Father doing. While the foundation has since been established, the time has come for the build-up of All Terrain Resort. That is a new chapter I can only draw from those who have gone before. But one thing is sure we have found and traded for the field with the hidden treasure! Like it started with a train, now many will acceot the invitation to step through the small door, walk on the narrow path and enter (arise) as kings whom rule their assigned domain of God manifesting his Garden Eden resort here on earth as it is in heaven to His glory.

The sons of the living God are being made kingdom and priest again, have a purpose to restore rewarding work around the earth and to encourage many people to trade for the field with the hidden treasure. What a wonderful vision! Much has been supernaturaly revealed (priest) but ultimately it is the testimony (kingdom) that will have the greatest impact. For unlike in the kingdom of light where we believe to see and act accordingly by faith, in the kingdom of darkness people must first see before they believe. We know that God's purpose always prevails and His timing too is always perfect!

We often had beautiful double rainbows reassuring us of Gods faithfullness. No matter what you are going through; have faith in God he will raise us up if we don't give-up.

As the Lord has shown in a dream last year, many have begun to trade their silver coin for the unshakable kingdom of God! (Silver meaning redemption, understanding and coin has to do with the parable of the talents) Don't know if it always takes a storm until we get to the point where we have nothing to loose anymore, but whoever all these living stones are you are done with playing a religion. You want to see and experience the reality of the kingdom with the evidence of being willing to pay the price. This generation is done with poverty, done with accepting limitations, done with a hopeless systems, but believes in their kingdom  inheritance in this present age and throughout eternity! They want to fulfill their assignment as Jesus Christ modelled!

Revealed and confirmed during a prayer walk that we are redeemed from the curse of having to toil for a living through his grace  (=5) empowerment

When Jesus is Lord over a company he has proven to supernaturally orchestrate his business stewards towards accomplishing  his goals whether knowingly or unknowingly from one another. He brings light into the darkness.

 The past two dreams showed what is yet to come and has already begun. In the first dream I saw silver coins falling from heaven on the ground. After picking them up and put them on the narrow path these coins instantely turned into living stones (kingdom). Its is the beginning of the trade for the ultimate investment of the kingdom of God. Once the rolling / trading is completed the stones will double in weight for (kingdom dominion). In this dreams I could see an evil spirit in the form of a frog (biblical meaning of evil spirit and plagues) standing on the left side of the narrow path trying to derrail living stones from entering their destiny. Since this dream when sharing the Gospel of the kingdom of God to an individual we would often receive coins right away or shortly after.  

The kind of silver coins I had seen in a dream falling from heaven. When ministering the kingdom of God to individuals we would often receive coins with the queen (king) on it.

Both dreams occured at 5 before and 5 after 5am in the morning depending whether I looked on my arm or iphone watch. With the dreams this verse in James 5:5 was given "You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter" Many think they are rich, but haven't traded for true wealth yet. While the first dream is already happening the second dream will take place at one of our gathering! God is good and the kingdom of God means real business!

Prophetically speaking we know that we reached a critical time of convergence, where so many prophecies and testimonies come together. I personally experienced times where up to 5 revelations pointed to an event, which the Lord testified to, but this time the list is almost unlimited, never experienced something like it before. Not everyone has entered the kingdom of God, the protecting resort for when the storm breaks loose, there is an urgency in moving forwards and bring in the harvest of souls!

The multiplication process has begun

Since 5th of July 2015 respectively after 7 years to the day when the trading process period for the ultimate investment of the kingdom of God ended, the Lord started the external multiplication process with others being made kingdom and priest. One great example is the former "sheperd" in Switzerland who got supernaturally healed in his knee after obeying the Lords commandment. After a session of dominion business consulting, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on January 12th 2018 the exact day of the past Haiti earthquake! But here is what is even more stunning, when we looked up the time this all happened exact 8 years to the day and minute since the earthquake in Haiti at 1;53 pm (4:53 pm Haiti time - 3:00h time zone) took place. Throughout scripture the number 8 stands for new beginnings! I got reminded about the 153 fish Jesus disciples caught after his resurrection. Hebrew letters and words include numbers and "I am the Lord your God" equals 153! It is written no one of the disciples dared asking who Jesus was for they knew it was the Lord. If He shakes the earth in Babylon at 153 he does it to introduce himself as he did it to the Israelites the first time "as Him being the Lord our God!". It takes a mangitude of 7.0 to complete the purpose of shaking, for the biblical meaning of 7 is completion. It takes a dept of 13 km with the number standing for rebellion and lawlessness to heal our soul and arise into our assignment!

On January the 12th 2018 exact 8 years later at the exact local time 1:53 pm (there is 3 hours time zone difference between Haiti and BC Canada) a former sheperd received the same miracle for himself!

Why the vision of transportable Tents was given

It is the perfect instrument the Lord used to lead his people out of Egypte into the Promised Land / Kingdom of God. The Israelites when they left Egypt travelled in tents through the desert for 40 years before they entered the Promised Land. He used a tent of meeting (tabernacle) during that time to reveal Himself to the priests. We also know of Major revivals that took place in tents that could be transported to the places the Lord highlighted. The Lord calls his people out of Egypt, through the desert into the Promised Land called the Kingdom of God through a walk of obedience. There is a walking in between the two and apparently Lake Country, the place the stone wiggeled, means the land in between the two and he does in the tent of our bodies.

The inheritance of the kingdom of God goes back to the original mandate the Lord gave us through the first man Adam when God said in Genesis 1;26 "let them have dominion (=kingdom) over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” For Adam to have kingdom he needed to be in Garden Eden, which in Hebrew means "a spot on the earth for the moment where the presence of God is an open door to heaven". We need to return into that environment again, the place called kingdom of God, the spot where our calling can manifest the assigned part of heaven on earth in the world of need for the moment we are in our physical bodies. Israelites entered the Promised Land they corporately spread out and everyone received their assigned domain ofGod. They exachanged tents for permanent buildings including the tent of meeting.

During an inner walk of faith the Lord has been revealing that he wants a resort that can travel  even to the remotest places on earth. We gave it the name "All-terrain resort"  indicating our original mandate to spread out Garden Eden (ref: Genesis 1;26 "let them have dominion over all the earth, ..." The ultimate purpose is to advance the kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven as a testimony to the world including the restoration of rewarding work. Way too many Christians have been derailing from the narrow path that leads to life, because of religion which removes and postpones the promised land into the after life. After passing a major test in "taking my assets and invest in trading" the Lord supernaturally revealed this situation by using the concept of derrailing trains causing terrible accidents, followed by the audiable voice of the Holy Spirit saying "I can't work with them". We are to co-work with the Holy Spirit by first seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness in order to know our calling and arise (enter) into the rule of God.

That's why so many kingdom consultants are missing! The scripture says the harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. The Lord went on showing what will happen when people persist believing and pass the desert trials. What was seen looked like a mall centre spreading from coast to coast throughout Canada. As much it is about the  Fathers business, filled with businesses within that are aligend to His will and protected from the storm to come;  we are  part of it! Together we form an international resort family business! As all things have been reconciled in Christ Jesus the practical manifestation in the natural physical realm is included. It is the answer to a cry of a  generation who has been robbed of their dreams.

What is interesting is that simultaneous to the development of All Terrain Resort (tent) and totally unknowingly from one another, CSI partner Switzerland has been working on a circus (tent) model. Highly gifted national and international experts have been diligently working on it, a project that has already caught international attention. A circus (tent) in its essence is a business platform for many artists to perform and offer their gifting to an amazed and expecting audience around the earth! Thats the model shown and will be visible in real dimension! Think about it, not only are we co-working with God within the Fathers business, but He also lives within the tent of our bodies. With great anticipation are we looking forwards how this is all going to unfold to his glory!

We gave it the name All-Terrain Resort

With "All-Terrain Resort" we want to encourage individuals to take time off in the undisturbed environment of Gods creation that helps to discover the kingdom of God. That's how I started to hear Gods voice, in the remote Canadian wilderness. We also want to use tents to have corporate tent meetings, where we share revelations and see testimonies of what God is doing through each one of us. Its a place to build-up and maintain lasting relationships even over long geographical distances. In a much broader meaning this resort consists of many callings including yours for there is hardly anything that can not somehow be related to a resort. In whatever world you are called to have dominion; the world of photography; the world of alternative energy technologies; the world of precision meachanics; the world of recreation products; the world of gourmet food; the world of music, etc.; a resort can include almost unlimited areas that contribute to the overall resort experience. Conceptually this tent resort may be related to a circous that offers the plattform for various athletes to demonstrate their callings to the world. Last but not least, it doesn't stop with tents, but its rather the beginning for the permanent resort to come!

Visit All-Terrain Resort

How can you partner?

You may contact us. In the meantime you may pray for yourself, us and those who will become part of this exciting resort. Like Jesus modelled pray for yourself, than for partners and finally those who will be saved. 

Start trading for the  ultimate investment of the kingdom of God so you can enter kingdom dominion. We offer newsletters and more priests come on board to help you understand the kingdom of God. Be reminded in the parable of the talents one burried the silver coin instead of trading for it and he got himself in serious trouble!

As kingdom and priest start investing into others. This resort is about a family business where we share, contribute and invest in each others callings to reach the ultimate goal and corporate fulfillment of our Garden Eden mandate, don't waste your God given ressources!



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