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About us

CanadianSwissInvest Inc. professional services have prepared, transformed and equipped many enterprises to successfully reach greater markets. Incorporated in the Dominion of Canada and represented in Switzerland, we are passionate in expanding businesses even beyond national borders!

Our work

While the company's core competence originated in internationalization, clients over the years requested complementing services, which we summarized in dominion business development. Small start-ups, to midsize and large international corporations chose to work with us.

Our services

Our professional services empower new and existing companies alike. Our two locations are strategic for companies who want to take full advantage of the existing free trade agreement between Canada and Switzerland, but also for those who seek a centralized hub within USMCA and EU.


We invest

Expanding a company especially overseas can be a capital intense endeavour. Oftentimes it can hold 
business owners back from reaching greater markets. That's why we offer compensation models that make internationalization affordable and more successful in a shorter time.

Why us?

Our approach in developing companies is based on callings and that is what makes us different. Leaders who base their businesses on authentic purposes tend to never give-up and are highly motivated in expanding their rewarding work. We are passionate in helping to unleash such potential!

Why partner?

Partnering with the right people and businesses is essential for any company. Each of us has unique giftings, talents, skills, experiences and contacts that can be extremely valuable for others. CanadianSwissInvest sets on proven expert network partners, people we know and worked with.

we arrange distributors

You want to expand your business beyond national borders? Here is what our international experts can do for you;

- target market research analysis
- arranging of distributors or sales representatives
- sourcing of complementary products and services
- supplier or customer relationship management
- project management locally within target market
- supportive import and export tasks
- business administration and management
- customer representation in Canada (USA), Switzerland (Germany)

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we offer professional marketing

You have a great company, but your corporate marketing is lacking or not market-conform? This is what we can do for you;

- corporate identity consulting
- professional website development
- corporate logo development
- business and rack card design
- product and company flyers
- corporate letter templates
- marketing campaigns

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we optimize business  processes

Your business is successful established, but needs further optimizations? This what we can do for you;

- business process mapping
- process analysis and optimizations
- corporate continous improvements (KPI)
- business engineering
- evaluation and validation of new technologies 
- management of complex projects

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we turn ideas into realities

You have an innovative product idea, but not the necessary experiences, skills or time? Here is what we can do for you;

- product research analysis
- concept development
- product specifications
- product design, 3d modelling and engineering
- customized software development
- software deployment & maintenance

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we provide consulting services

Want to start or reorganize your business? We offer dominion business consulting services;

- discover your business purpose
- develop and refine your unique vision
- develop your leadership character
- prepare for adversities
- build your partner network

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